NeedleBay Business Opportunities

We are always looking for new distribution and wholesale partners

With the World Health Organization estimating that over 320 million people worldwide have diabetes, it clearly presents a significant opportunity for NeedleBay to improve the quality of care provided to those with diabetes.

It is widely recognised that many patients have difficulties when handling and storing insulin pen needles, with significant numbers suffering from needlestick injuries and the risk of infection. Studies have also revealed that more than 30% of those with diabetes miss injections or mistakenly take double doses, which can lead to the risk of hyperglycaemia or hypoglycaemia, both with potentially serious consequences.

NeedleBay has been successfully designed and manufactured to solve these issues in one high quality, innovative, compact device.

Needlebay packaging is currently available in French, Italian, Spanish and German, we can also produce the packaging to meet your countries language needs.

We are always looking for distribution and wholesale partners, if this is of interest please contact us.

NeedleBay - the only research proven and patented medication compliance system for those with diabetes