NeedleBay Feedback

Since I discovered NeedleBay, all my worries are over. To forget insulin can be a matter of life and death. Thanks to NeedleBay, a very heavy weight is lifted.
Sally Landsborough, Diabetic
I use NeedleBay every single day and find it very handy, as a busy carer of a husband who’s got Parkinson’s. I haven’t much time for myself, so I found in the past I’d missed or forgotten injections or tablets. With this method I haven’t missed a tablet or injection, and I find it very easy to use and very happy all round. So well done, I like the NeedleBay very much!
Carol Stent, Diabetic
Since my daughter had her stroke putting the needle onto her insulin pen was difficult, your product has helped her regain her independence and confidence, thank you!
Mrs Baker, Diabetic
Easier & Safer! My boyfriend who uses your product has now used it for some months and does find it much easier and safer specially hen at work or out.
Steve Dulson, Diabetic
Useful and made use of Pen Safer - NeedleBay worked well and made use of pen safer. It is a good product, well made!
Stuart Potts, Diabetic
Simply The Best! I've found Needlebay very useful... Having the needles and tablets in one container is brilliant.
Anonymous, Diabetic
Hands Free Safe Needles! I find NeedleBay very easy to use, they make using the needles safe, disposing of them is great, no more accidental fingers pricks, and once used they don't have to be touched again, just put in your sharpe container, very pleased overall!
Christine Brian, Diabetic
Very good! NeedleBay saves time and you don't get hurt!
James W B Wright, Diabetic
The needle holder is so much easier and safer.
Karen Roberts, Diabetic
A must to have for holidays! - Great to keep track of your Diabetes equipment, at home or on holiday. Organize your pen needles, lancets and/or tablets all in one box, there is also room for your insulin pen in use. Very well made over-all. Good product, a bit pricey, but well worth it for peace of mind.
Mr Wright, Diabetic

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