Welcome to NeedleBay

NeedleBay is a unique and innovative product for those with diabetes, which for the first time makes insulin dosages, needle handling and storage both safer and easier for users of all ages. The NeedleBay user never handles a needle once the pod is loaded, but clear proof of use is provided for every insulin dose, providing an invaluable aid to blood glucose management. There is no other product like NeedleBay which combines all these features in a single compact device.

NeedleBay changes lives, by providing those with diabetes and simple yet completely certain verifiable system for managing their insulin medication at home or on the move. NeedleBay makes it possible for a diabetic to organise and manage their medication with complete confidence at all times in any environment. "I cannot tell you how much easier the NeedleBay system has made my life it is fantastic”, Lisa Raby, a diabetic.

NeedleBay Features

  • 80% Improvement in medication adherence
  • Safer medication practice
  • Visual proof of use reminder system
  • Prevents needle prick injuries
  • Sharps containment
  • Improved independent living
  • Substantial health cost savings

NeedleBay is a high-quality device whose function is simple to understand and easy to use. NeedleBay is specifically designed for use every day by all ages from 5 to 75 years old. NeedleBay Colours providing a stylish color option to the classic range. NeedleBay is simple to load and unload with needles and the natural shape of NeedleBay pod provides high security and ease of needle handling for those with dexterity difficulties or Parkinson's.

NeedleBay - the only research proven and patented medication compliance system for those with diabetes