How NeedleBay Works

NeedleBay is extremely easy to use just follow the steps below.

Opening Your Unit

Open the needle lids (a). Pull down to open the bottom clamp door (b). This action releases the clamp mechanism ready to insert.

Place the needle into the unit with the table facing the front. When in position close the bottom clamp door (b) until it clicks shut.

Using Your Unit

Open the needle lid (a) of the daily unit and peel back the seal of the new needle until completely off.

Insert your insulin pen and screw into the needle casing.

Extract your new needle and inject as instructed by your doctor or diabetes nurse.

When you have finished your injection, place the needle back into the original casing and unscrew the pen from the used needle.

Extract the pen and close the lid (a) until it clicks shut. Your used needle is now safe.

Emptying Your Unit

Release the bottom clamp door (b) by pulling down. This releases the clamp on the needles.

Hold the unit upside down and open the needle doors (a). Empty used needles into a sharps bin. Repeat process for all seven days and reload ready for the next week.

Repeat for all seven days. Note: NeedleBays are designed to be emptied once a week, not on a daily basis.

If your doctor has prescribed tablets you can open the tablet doors (c) and place in your tablet requirement for that particular day (am,pm dosage). Close the lids until clicked shut.

If you are only taking insulin and/or tablets and wish to carry only that section, the unit has been designed to slide apart.