NeedleBay Features and Benefits

NeedleBay has been specifically designed in close consultation with healthcare professionals and those with diabetes to provide an innovative solution to a number of significant issues faced by diabetics’ every day.

Great for the home and when out and about

The NeedleBay system is ideal for all situations whether at home, out for the day or away travelling/holiday. With NeedleBay daily modules that can be prepared in advance you can know you will have what you need wherever you are.

A solution for all ages

Unfortunately diabetes is not constrained to a particular age group and can affect anyone from 5 to 95 years of age. NeedleBay works for all ages whether you are a child needing to take medication to school or are retired and just needing help to get organized.

Saving you time

An added benefit of letting NeedleBay organize and manage your diabetes medication is you will save time. Having your diabetes medication all in place ready for when you need it, is quick and easy, saving the time you would normally spend looking for needles and tablets.

Cost effective

NeedleBay is a high quality product manufactured to last. This means the cost of NeedleBay and the benefits it brings to helping you manage your diabetes medication, equates to only a few pence a day for complete peace of mind.

NeedleBay Features

  • 80% Improvement in medication adherence
  • Safer medication practice
  • Visual proof of use reminder system
  • Prevents needle prick injuries
  • Sharps containment
  • Improved independent living
  • Substantial health cost savings

NeedleBay Benefits

Becoming diagnosed as having diabetes is clearly life changing with the challenge for many being whose in control. The need to effectively manage your diabetes medication is crucial to maintaining a healthy life, but the burden for many leaves them struggling to be in control.

Greater Control & Organisation of Diabetes Medication

NeedleBay provides a unique and effective way of organising your diabetes medication. In onesimple, compact device you can store your insulin needles and tablets for the coming day, giving you peace of mind that you’re organised and in control. The NeedleBay system also allows you to prepare your insulin needles and tablets for up to 7 days in advance making your daily routine much easier.

Reminder System and Proof of Insulin Dose

Insulin can be a difficult medication to properly dose, and it is actually fairly easy to accidentally overdose or miss injections. An insulin overdose or hypoglycaemia can be extremely dangerous or even fatal. Whether it’s due to a busy life style or an impaired memory there are many diabetics every day asking themselves "Did I or didn’t I take my insulin".

NeedleBay provides diabetics with a unique and innovative insulin reminder and proof of dose system. By securing your new needles for the coming day in the NeedleBay daily module, you can quickly see how many injections you have or haven’t had by looking through the transparent lids of the needle compartments. You will see either new needles with their sealed lids or used needles with no sealed lids. This importantly also provides "proof of dose". Needlebay is very simple to use but also an extremely effective insulin reminder system.

Needle Storage (New and Used Needles)

Convenient safe storage of new and used needles is an issue for many diabetics, especially when out and about. NeedleBay provides a universal needle storage device for both new and used needles. The new needles are easily loaded into the NeedleBay daily modules and safely secured with the unique NeedleBay ClickLok system.

Single Use of Needles

There is increasingly clear evidence that not rotating sites and reusing needles is the primary cause of a condition called Lipohypertrophy. Lipo as it is known for short cause’s serious glycaemia variation and can lead to hypos and hypers. Needlebay helps to prevent Lipos by providing in a compact device the new needles required for the coming day and therefore promoting the single use of needles.

Needle Safety

Unfortunately needlestick injuries or finger prick accidents happen too frequently amongst both Healthcare Professionals and those with diabetes taking insulin. They clearly present a risk of infection primarily to Healthcare Professionals but are also extremely annoying and can contribute to a fear of needles.

NeedleBay’s unique needle handling system makes for much safer needles during and after use. There is NO need to touch the needles for attaching or removing the needle to and from the injection pen, or even the need to recap the needle after use. Importantly the used needle remains safely held in the NeedleBay module until it is convenient to safely dispose of in a sharps bin, again without having to touch the needle. With there being NO need to touch the needles when using or storing them after use, potentially eliminates the risk of needlestick injuries and finger prick accidents.

For Healthcare Professionals, NeedleBay provides a cost effective needle safety solution in line with the new Sharps Safety Directive 2010/32/ EU published in May 2013. The directive requires that there is NO recapping of needles and that there is safe storage of the used needles as close as possible to the point of use both of which areprovided by NeedleBay.

Needle Handling

The insulin pen needles are quite small and fiddly to handle, even for the most dexterous. The handling of needles and injection pens is potentially made difficult or even impossible for the many people who also suffer with poor dexterity. This is quite often caused by diabetic neuropathy, which affects both sensory and motor nerves. The damaged nerves can cause the loss of coordination, muscle weakness together with muscle twitching and cramps.

NeedleBay has been ergonomically designed to be held easily and comfortably in the palm of the hand. With the needles already preloaded into the NeedleBay module there is NO need to handle the needles whilst attaching or removing them to and from the injection pen. NeedleBay provides simple, easy and safe handling of needles whatever your age or ability.